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Colts Awards Night

27 November 2023
Colts Awards Night

Colts Awards Night

We have had an amazing season this year with teams in the U11 and U15 leagues and it has been a massive effort from club volunteers, parents and the children themselves to make it such a smooth-running season.

Along with our stars of last year we welcomed new faces in all age groups – as those of you who come on a Sunday morning know, our U8s really took off this year so we have a solid foundation to build upon with the likes of Mudra, Buddy, Ollie coming through into league teams next year. Tonight, however, we are mainly here to celebrate the older children.

Starting with the under 11s. This year we entered the league with confidence we could put out a side throughout the season as just seeing interest in the nets, we knew had a full squad this year.

 Our initial league game was called off by Wye so our first competitive game of the year didn’t happen until the 15th of May against Ashford D when sudden illness to Octavia meant poor Sienna went from school to a rugby tournament to having to play. A mix up by our captain in understanding the rules – that wides are rebowled) meant we went from needing to defend 20 from 6 to winning by 2 runs.

Game 3 at home to Boughton saw our tactical side as tight bowling strangled their best batsmen and defensive batting meant we capitalised on every mistake the opposition made without giving them a sniff of a chance as we won by 15 runs having conceded on 2 wickets all innings.

Ashford C came to Chart for game 4 and our bowling finally let us down. Having set a respectable 273 to win we conceded 65 extras to lose by nearly 57 runs.

We bounced back against Mersham smashing 300 for 5 including season top scores for Sam and James followed by Rob Firth’s favourite performance of the season with the ball as the team took 11 wickets to win by 52.

Wye conceded again but the games came thick and fast as the same week we had the Ashford School game which as usual was a fun night.

By now we had the Presidents attention as he started joining us for games. Millie took a triple wicket maiden to open the game setting the tone for another 50-run win vs Ashford D followed by a measured opening innings by Fabian and Sam meant we never were in a position to lose.

Away at Boughton, Shambavi and Fabian didn’t just strangle the batsmen, they choked them to death leaving Boughton having batted half the innings and still being in negative runs. Handy middle order runs off the bat from J McLaren saw our last pair need 3 from 24.

This meant we were top of the league with 2 to play and winner took all at Ashford. They took it, they were better in every way. Enough said about that.

The last game against Mersham we lost despite a couple of beautiful pace balls by Aryja that Rob would have been proud to bowl as an earlier batting collapse meant we didn’t post enough.

Overall we finished 2nd place in the league so well done to all – You earned that.

We had 2 of top 10 bats, 3 of top 10 bowlers and 7 of top 10 fielders in the league stats.

A few mixed results in friendly games in August had some highlights. We saw Buddy come up from the U8s. H “Squiglet” make her debut and a giddy Felicity happy she bowled Fabian. No clue why.

We finished with our annual fun parents vs colts game and this years challenge the Champions – where this year, the kids had to get out the KCVL’s current award winning batsman and his partner GCCCs current batsman of the year.

By now you are probably bored of me telling you what happened when you were already there – you want these….

So, before we start with the kids, lets appreciate the adults who have helped this year.

First of all the parents for running you around everywhere.

The mums who produced refreshments and ran the bar during games.

The dads shouting instructions from the rope and giving feedback in the changing rooms.

As always, Tony, Ronnie, Grandad Jon, Euan and Nigel for their coaching.

We do however, honour one adult with an award who has gone above and beyond when it comes to helping with the colts. This year, for volunteering most Sundays, helping come up with some inventive training sessions, umpiring most games, we award the give the adult helper award to Rob Firth.

Onto the kids awards.

Lets start with the statistical ones which followed the same rules as last year.

Batting – based on average

3rd Place – 47 runs @ 18.5 – S Browne

2nd Place – 193 runs @ 24 – J Lategan

1st Place – 41 runs @ 41 – C Stoddart

Bowling – based on wickets taken

3rd place – 7 wickets @ ave 15 – O Goodall

2nd Place – 12 wickets @ ave 6.17 – J Lategan

1st Place – 16 wickets @ ave 7.75 – F Goodall.

Fielding – based on victims.

3rd Place – 2 wickets – J Viljoen.

2nd Place – 3 catches 1 run out – 4 wickets -F Goodall

1st Place –6 catches, 4 run outs – 10 wickets – J Lategan.

This year the next 3 awards have second place prizes donated by myself. Tony, Rob Firth and I have discussed these at length to come up with the following list.

We have the Endeavour award. This award is for those who really contributed to the team but didn’t quite get the statistical numbers. Whether through tight fielding, good economy bowling or batting in a way that benefits the team rather than the individual.

In second place this year for a strike rate of 100% to keep their partner on strike combined with some good bowling performances we have S Arunkumar.

But in first this year. For the achievement of conceding less than 6 byes per game (which in colts cricket is especially difficult if Millie is bowling leg side bouncers) and getting 2 non striker run outs from behind the stumps, is J Viljoen.

Next award is on a similar vein. Bev’s award was created to reward those kids who had bundles of enthusiasm and tried their hardest despite not being the most skilled. Who overcame challenges and still gave their best to the team or the squad.

In second place this year, having never played cricket before and giving it a go in nets to becoming a regular in games by the end of the season and when he kept his head showed moments of brilliance with the bat…. J McLaren.

Our winner of Bev’s Award has filled in wherever I have needed them to this year. Has not complained when left to field at third man, has tried a hand at bowling and keeping, and was only 21 balls away from going the league season without losing their wicket with the bat – I blame her Uncle Jim for bringing her bad luck that day – L Ainsley.

Onto development. Our next award is the Most Improved Player. Here we look at how players start at the beginning of the season and in the indoor nets and go on to see how they improve by the end of the season.

Our runner up was a slightly late start but as a batsman myself, the development in this young person’s footwork is incredible. We have some way to go with their confidence to hit the ball but this year the core batting skills improvement of getting the body into the right position has been very impressive so my final second place prize goes to H Quigley.

Our most Improved player for the U11s however is a young player who has really worked on his consistency and control with the ball and I’m hoping if they continue their improvement, they will be a terror in the U11s next year. Through August he was taking more wickets each game and came close to a 5fer in the unscored game against Boughton. His mother even complains he cannot cross the living room without practicing his action. Unfortunately he is working on his skills on a tour of Bangladesh at present so he cant accept his award. A Chowdhury.

The penultimate award is mine alone as the coach to decide. I look for the colt who in my opinion brings value to the team, not necessarily just on the field, but also at training and in the dressing room. The colt who shows they listen to what they are told by coaches and embody the spirit I want to see in the side. This year’s winner was happy to sit out games to let others have a go and step up if we were short, always has a smile on her face and towards the end of the season, when not being fed to tigers, took to learning what she could so she should be an automatic pick to captain the U11s next year. The Managers Award goes to O Goodall.

Finally from the U11s, the main event (with the smallest trophy). I think we all know this one is a bit of a given since he won the league batsman, league bowling awards and if they did it was so far in front in fielding he would have won that too. Put your hands together for our Colt of the Year – J Lategan.

Normally I’d hand over to the U15s coach at this point but they chickened out – On Wednesday. Thanks Jon.

So from all the match reports he wrote I put this together…. Oh wait….

Our U15s team was somewhat weaker than it was last year after several players got too old to stay with the team and moved onto adult cricket. Very selfish of them I say. It was good however to see several new faces, from Nial and Ollie coming up from the U11s to totally new faces to the club like Josh, Felix and others.

The U15s were also in the Ashford league this year and we knew it would be a struggle and we really needed people to give their all this year.

The weather intervened in the first game against Boughton before a ball was bowled which was a shame as they were in much the same situation as us.

The second game at home to Ashford saw us bat first and post 72 for 8 in our 20 overs with only Jonathan outscoring extras. Wayward bowling with the ball gave them a third of their target but despite them only needing to score 49 off the bat, we took 6 wickets before they managed to get there in the 15th.

Struggling for players, we conceded the third game to Rye before hosting Egerton who racked up 199/0 in their 20 overs. With our U11s valiantly making up the numbers, we managed to score 24 off the bat in response to lose by 146.

In the home loss to Folkestone, Jonathan and Euan formed a new opening partnership that started ticking, scoring 50 of the 73 we scored in our 20 overs for the loss of 4 wickets. Jonathan carried this form into the Mersham game but the 179 they had posted was just too much and without support we could get the deficit below 3 figures.

Sibton Park the following week saw our best performance of the season as for the first time this year, we bowled the opposition out – Lucas starring with 4 for 24 and 5 others chipping in including Ollie’s 1 for 6 (his best of the year). Our 84 opening partnership was not enough to set us on course for victory infortunately.

Wye was washed out after J Lategan got his U15s best of 19 not out without Chart taking the field then we travelled to Tenterden where Jonathan finally got his first half century of the campaign after an opening stand of 51 with M Cridland.

We did finish joint bottom of the table, not picking up a win all season but overall we tried each game and when overmatched like we were, you have to enjoy the moments, first wickets for half the bowlers in the squad, first ever runs at U15 level for others, some safe hands in the field. You held your heads high and did us proud.

On to the awards.


3rd place – 123 runs @ 20.5 – E Stoddart

2nd Place – 32 runs @ 32 – J Lategan

1st Place – 203 runs @ 33.83 – J Couchman


3rd Place – 2 wickets @ 36 – F Goodall.

2nd Place – 4 wickets @ 12.5 – J Lategan

1st Place – 8 Wickets @ 19.25 – L Maidstone.


U15s do a points scoring system for fielding that is used in adults. Points awarded by Tony and the scoring system on QI is more transparent. I therefore have no clue how many points he got or how many others had and after 2 months, Tony will have forgotten so don’t ask him.

Winner – Harrison (remember to ask Tony his surname)


Same criteria as the U11s – we look at those who tried without statistical reward. Not only has this young man been at most training sessions, but importantly for the club, when we asked for volunteers at start of season, he walked down by himself, then spent 2 hours sat on the veranda digging out the weeds in the stones. This sort of commitment needs to be rewarded so the Endeavour award goes to E Hyson.

Most Improved:

As training has often been mixed with the U11s, Tony asked me to join Rob and Jon in deciding this one. This was a much longer chat after training, followed by three days of whatsapp discussion suggesting the likes of Ollie and others, however our pick for most improved is a bowler who has really started to put some effort into his action. His biggest issue I saw was in the last training session when he didn’t know what to do with Mudra’s height. For continual progress throughout the season, our U15 most improved player – T Koshy

Finally, the senior colt of the year award. Again we look for effort both on and off the field where we can. This colt has not only been one of the biggest contributors in the U15 league team but has helped train younger age groups, umpired U11 games from square leg and has also made a step up this year into the adult game as well. Don’t get too confident, I just described two of you.

Despite his failings like the hair and his sister getting double his batting average – the Senior Colt of the Year is E Stoddart.

That is all from me. I will now hand over to some final words from our President and Chairman.

Richard Doyle

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