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Great Chart CC Fantasy League

The Great Chart Fantasy League is back! For just £10 a team or 3 for £25 (With a 50-50 split of the money between the prize pot and the club), why not try your hand at picking an unstoppable Great Chart XI.

To enter, select: 1 name from Group 1 / 3 from Group 2 / 1 from Group 3 / 2 from Group 4 / 2 from Group 5 / 2 from Group 6. Once done, select a captain of your choice (cannot be from Group 1).

Please return all forms and money before the end of April 2024 to Paul D


Batting                                                Bowling                                                              Fielding

1 run = 1 point                                  Maiden’s = 5 points                                        Catch = 10 points

Each 4 = 2 points                             Wickets = 15 Points                                        Runout = 20 points

Each 6 = 5 points                             3 Wicket Bonus = 10 points                         Stumping = 20 points

50’s Bonus = 25 points                  4 Wicket Bonus = 20 points

100’s Bonus = 50 points                5+ Wicket Bonus = 30 points

Duck = -25 points                            Each 5 runs conceded = -2 Points


Player Groups

Group 1

Shahrokh Navaee, James Burgess, Darren McGoldrick.

Group 2

Darren Laker, Luke Andrews, Andy Cowley, Charlie Chatfield, Chris Crowfoot,

Mark Whiting, James Ainsley, Ivan Baker, B Pratheepan, Anup Sen,

Jeremy Sharp, Tim Barton, Richard Doyle, Dan Cadd.

Group 3

Mark Whitling, Euan Stoddart, James Crowfoot.

Group 4

Rob Firth, Arunkumar Sathiamoorthy, Alexander Priest, Vivin Mathew, Paul Davis.

Group 5

Eddi Wicken, Euan West, Lucas Maidstone, Nigel Champion, Sam Quigley, Will Ainsley, Jon Maidstone, Josh Champion, Josh Crowfoot.

Group 6

Patrick Doyle, Oliver Green, Alfie Costigan, Fletcher Whiting,

Christian Brown, Jack Obbard, Jack Allcock, Tom Stewart, Toby Daines.

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